Welcome to Drew’s Library


Welcome to the Dr. Charles R. Drew Library

What books are you enjoying?

This is the link that will show you how to place a hold on books which will

enable you to check out books and then pick them up from school:



Here are books from SafYouTube for you to enjoy:

Snowy Day – This was a favorite of mine as a child and continues to be one that I love as an adult.


Another book I love:  Snowflake Bentley


Here are links that tell us more about snow!


Have you every wanted to make a paper snowflake?  Here are some how to videos:

This link is simplier and from the crafters at Michaels:  https://video.link/w/1aU6b

This video has more difficult snowflakes.  They are beautiful, but you need to pay attention to all of the folds.