SOL Practice Sites

IXL Practice Questions
IXL covers grades K-5 with standards-based questions in Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies

Jefferson Labs Lessons, Activities and Quizzes
Jefferson Labs focuses on Science and Math for grades 3-5 with a focus on preparing students for the VA SOL Math/Science Test.  For specific SOL practice tests, you can go directly to:

VDOE Guided Practice Tests
The tests on this website are designed to be used with students to teach them about the tools/features associated with taking an online SOL test.  It covers test-taking tools like the ruler, calculator, highlighter, eraser, and even technology-enhanced items using real questions from previous SOL tests.  Do not use this for test practice – this site is only for teaching students how to take an online test.

VDOE Released Tests
This site contains previously released SOL tests for download in PDF form and includes the answer key for each test.  You cannot take these tests online for practice, but you can download them to get sample questions or print out offline to give to students for practice.

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