What is RAZ KIDS?
It is an interactive reading tool for our students to practice reading fluency and comprehension. With RazKids, students can practice reading anytime, anywhere — at home, on the go, and even during the summer! The students have a log in and a password to get into their reading account under their teacher’s name.  Teachers can track each student’s progress and even assign new reading challenges.
How is it used at Drew Model School?
Most of the elementary schools in the Arlington Public School system use Raz Kids with their students to increase reading fluency and comprehension.  At Drew Model, every child has a Raz Kids account and can log in under their teacher’s name.  Students can read from a large variety of selections on either a computer or an iPad.  Students can also read books out loud and have the software record their voice.  Or, they can have certain books read to them.  Each of these strategies helps Drew Model students increase their reading fluency and comprehension over time.  Most Drew Model students use Raz Kids on a weekly basis.
Should my child access Raz Kids on an iPad or a computer?
The Raz Kids interface and software works and looks the same way on both devices.  Since APS is actively supporting the personalized device initiative, we recommend that every student use their iPad to access Raz Kids.  If the Raz Kids application is missing from the iPad.  Students will need to reinstall it from the App Catalog on their iPad.  We are aware some students do not have iPads and those students can use the computer interface.
How often should my child read using Raz Kids?
We recommend that every child tries to read at least 30 minutes each day, especially over the summer.  We are aware that some of our students will want to read more than just 30 minutes.  It is ok to read longer, but we do recommend that you limit screen time to less than an hour each day.  Please visit the “Setting Limits” section under our Technology menu to learn more about managing personalized devices at home.
If I’m experiencing issues or have any technical questions about the program, what can I do?
Mr. Joel Gildea is our school’s Instructional Technology Coordinator.  His email is:  We encourage you to email him with any technical issues or questions.  Content related questions should be directed to the student’s teacher via email.


How do I Install the iPad app if it is missing?

Watch this Online Video Detailing How to Install the App