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diane reeser montessori counselor

Diane Reeser


Ms. Reeser, as school counselor for Arlington Montessori, helps all students develop competency in their academic life and acquire the necessary social-emotional skills to confidently plan their career goals. As a veteran Montessori teacher and school counselor, Ms. Reeser believes in the “power of one” while understanding that “it takes a village.”

Ms. Reeser worked in both public and private schools, in North, Central and South America. In Arlington County she worked as a Montessori teacher at Drew from 1997 to 2008, as a school counselor from 2010 to 2015, and most recently, as a Montessori teacher at Jamestown where she integrated mindfulness and yoga practice into her classroom lessons.

Ms. Reeser is a member of the American Montessori Society and the American School Counselor Association. She holds two Bachelor degrees from Immaculata University and a Masters of Arts in Education and Human Development from the George Washington University.

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Super Sibs Club is a series of Sibshops – peer recreation and support sessions for students, grades 2-5, who have brothers or sisters with disabilities, special needs, and/or significant health issues. For more information please visit: or contact the PRC at 703.228.7239


November 12-16 is National Career Development Week. During this month, students in all grades will be receiving guidance lessons to promote self-awareness of their skills, learn about career clusters and relate their education to future job success. Students will be introduced to the website Virginia Career View and be encouraged to engage in some of the learning activities promoted on that website. If you have a career that you are passionate about, and are willing to do a “Career Cafe Skype” from your workplace with our upper elementary students, please email the school counselor ( with your contact information and a brief job description. “Career Cafe Skype” will take place in the spring during the lunch period. Students who choose to participate will be able to hear about a career topic of interest and ask questions in real time.