Virginia Resources as of 12/2017

Virginia Studies Resources (12/17)

930.1 Hue Uncovers the Earlilest English Colonies

346.016 ALK  The Case for Loving

394.266 Kos Christmas in Williamsburg


970.3 POW Wil  Powhatan Indians

970.3 POW Bor The Powhatan A Confederacy of Native American Tribes

970.3 POW Cov The Powhatan People

970.3 POW Sjo Life of the Powhatan

970.3 POW Bia The Powhatan

970.3 ALG McC An Algonoquian Year

970.3 ALG Algonquin

970.3 ALG The Algonquin

970.3 SIO McG  If you Lived with the Sioux Indians

970.3 DAK GAI  Sioux

970.3 DAK Isa Life in a Sioux Village

970.3 Dak Pre The Sioux

970.3 Iro Lev If You Lived with the Iroquois

970.4 ANS Eastern Woodlands Indians


973.7 Fri  The Silent Witness A True Sory of the Civil War

973.7 OBr Duel of the Ironclads

973.7 LEV Henry’s Freedom Box


975.5 Bau Celebrating Virginia and Washington, D.C

975.5 Ben  The Jamestown Colony

975.5 Ben Coastal Plains975.5 Ben Blue Ridge Mountains

975.5 Ben Piedmont975.5 Ben Appalachian Plateau

975.5 Col  The Colony of Virginia

975.5 Edw O is for Old Dominion A Virginia Alphabet

975.5 Hor  The Hornbook of Virginia History

975.5 Kel What if You’d Been at Jamestown

975.5 McA Virginia:  Facts and Sumbols

975.5 Mil The Colony of Virginia A Primary Source History

975.5 She An Alphabetical Journey Through History

975.5 Sir Virginia975.5 Smi Virginia Native People

975.5 Smi Virginia History

975.5 Smi People of Virginia

975.5 Smi Uniquely Virginia

975.5 Smi All Around Virginia:  Regions and Resources

975.5 Vir Virginia975.5 Vir Virginia                 9

75.502 Pob Voices from  Colonial America Virginia 1607-1776

975.518 Con Plants and Animals of the Chesapeake Bay

975.518 She History of the Chesapeake Bay

975.529 Dem Arlington The Story of our Nation’s Cemetery


975.542 Fra Jamestown, Virginia

975.542 Hig The Jamestwon Colony

975.542 Hou Work or Starve Captain John Smith and the Jamestown Colony

975.542 Kal Historic Communities A Colonial Town Williamsburg

975.542 Lan 1607 A New Look at Jamestown

975.542 Qua Jamestown Hands on Projects About One of America’s First Communities

975.542 Ran Why Did English Settlers Come to Virginia?

975.542 Ros New Beginnings Jamestown and the Virginia Colony 1607-1699

975.542 Ruf Jamestown975.542 Tie Jamestown

976.2 Picture the Past Life on a Southern Plantation

975 542 Bra Graphic Novel The Story of Jamestown

BiographiesB Byr Harry Byrd, Sr.

B Bla Who Was Blackbeard?

B Ber Sir William BerkeleyB Jac Stonewall Jackson’s Black Sunday School

B Lew Bring Me Some Apples and I’ll Make You a Pie

B POC Life in the Time of Pocahontas and the Early Colonies

B POC Pocahontas by Erin Edison

B POC Pocahontas by Margaret Hudson

B POC The Story of Pocahontas by JennerB

POC Pocahontas by Lola Schaefer

B POC Pocahontas Powhatan Princess by Diane Shaughnessy

B POC Let’s Read About Pocahontas by Kimberly Weinberger

B SAV Who’s Saying What in Jamestown, Thomas Savage?

B SMI Captain John SmithB SMI John Smith Escapes Again


Butler Virginia Bound

Carbone Blood on the River James Town 1607

Collier The Corn Raid A Story of the Jamestown Settlement

Fleischman Bull Run

Denenberg When Will This Cruel War Be Over?

Hermes Our Strange New Land

Hermes The Starving Time

Kimmel Blackbeard’s Last Fight

Pinkney The Diary of Dawnie Rae Johnson, 1954

Ray Ghost Girl A Blue Ridge Mountain Story